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How to produce bathroom faucet kitchen faucet by low pressure die casting machine

Low Pressure Die Casting Machine
December 28, 2023
In low pressure casting process molten metal is filled directly from the holding or casting furnace into the dies and sand mould from below, with low turbulence and an absolutely controlled filled casting process.

Low pressure die casting machines for brass for the casting of sanitary fittings, faucets, water meter or valve bodies.

1. Cost-efficient production
1.1.Multiple cavity dies
1.2.Reduced melting loss
1.3.Increased yield (less circulating material)
1.4.One-man operation
1.5.Cost savings in subsequent stages of manufacture
1.6.For robotic grinding low pressure die casting is a must

2. Humanization of the workstation
2.1.Ergonomic design of the workstation
2.2.Minimizing of smoke, heat, noise and danger of accidents

3. High quality castings and high-precision repeatability
3.1. Automated casting
3.2. Oxide inclusions in the casting are prevented by feeding metal from inside the melt through the riser tube