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Universal CNC polishing machine for polishing and brightening faucets

Automatic Polishing Machine
April 02, 2021
1.The automatic polishing machine is an exclusive polishing system consisting 4 manipulators with of 6 Axis rotary system; Multiple stations simultaneous operation ensures high flexibility and high product efficiency.

3. The control system adopts PROMAX motion control technology from Italy, with stable performance and high control accuracy.

4. Programming method: teaching programming ,with portable handed device, contains manually mode to simulate the workmanship polishing and record the track; automatically operating model is available with pre-set parameters program.

4.Polishing pressure and wear compensation control performance: When the polishing cloth wheel is worn out, the system can detect that the torque has become smaller and automatically the compensation in all directions.

5.Linear speed compensation: When the outer diameter of the cloth wheel is reduced, the system automatically increases the speed and compensation;

5. Program setting of add polishing wax:free setting of wax spraying time and frequency according to the characteristics of product.choice of slid compound or liquid compound.

7.Fully digital control, it can store 50 programs. Programs can be saved and recalled at any time.

8. CN/EN language display on Touch Panel. It is to set all parameters for an easy operation; fault codes display and alarm pages for quick troubles shooting and repair.